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Default Proper front door panel replacement

Hey everyone, proud owner of a new (to me) ‘07 SRT8 magnum after trading in my beloved ‘05 RT AWD. I just finished a speaker & amp upgrade, head unit upgrade, remote starter and backup camera and love the results. After putting the door panels back on however I realized there are three circular white clips on the door that I failed to fit in the door panel grooves to receive them. Two of them need to be engaged by sliding the door panel down, the other one by sliding the panel forward. The challenge is that I can’t seem to get the panel close enough to the door to engage the door clips in the door panel grooves. The result is both front door panels are looser at their tops than they should be.

It is noteworthy that the white clips in the door seem to come in two pieces - one is able to rotate in the other. My thought is perhaps I need to find a way to remove the clips from their receptacles, insert them in the door panel grooves and then pop the door panel directly on the door by pushing straight on instead of down and to the front.

While there are tons of YouTube videos on how to remove the door panels, there are none I’ve found that show how to properly replace them. Any insights anyone can offer will be hugely appreciated!

Bonus question: Anyone know what fasteners/methods are best for securing the weatherstripping between the hatch and roof of the car (visible when the hatch is closed)? The plastic acorn nuts that seem to come stock fall off easily as the bolts that are there to receive them are not threaded. I’ve seen videos of other magnums where that seem to be threaded or some different fastener is used, but for whatever reason maybe the ‘07 (or maybe just mine) is different. I’ve lost 3 out of 7 of them and the weatherstripping is noticeably drooping from the outside.

Thanks all!
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